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Ways to Manifest Your Dream Home

Parker Engel

Parker is a seasoned agent on the EPG team and our technology guru...

Parker is a seasoned agent on the EPG team and our technology guru...

Feb 12 2 minutes read

Ways to Manifest Your Dream Home

Feeling ready to embrace the home buyer journey? You’ve come to the right place! It’s our mission to make sure future homeowners feel empowered and confident when purchasing their new home. Here are the first steps to consider when jump starting the buying process and making sure you get a “clear to close.”


1. Search, Discover, and Dream

You’ll need to get crystal clear with your intentions/home goals, and jot down your “must-have” list and determine what features your future home must include. 

One fun way to organize your home goals is to create a vision board! Vision boards can help set clear intentions for your both short and long-term goals.

Create your vision board here!



2. Do your homework

Get to know your local real estate expert and share your recent discovery with them. The more you share about exactly what you’re looking for, the more helpful we can be! This is where the fun begins!

We’ll attend open houses and show you homes in your price range that check every box off your list.


3. Win the bidding war

Bidding war or not, you’ll want to make your best first impression to home sellers. If the market is competitive, you’ll want to let the seller know you’ll do whatever it takes. In the case you lose a bidding war, you can always try to buy out the winning buyer to negotiate a deal. 

A winning tactic to a bidding war: write the seller a handwritten letter explaining your desire to buy their home. By adding this personal touch, you’re creating a connection that will surely make an impression along with your offer.

Ready to Find Your Dream Home?

Get started with our simple 8 step buying process.

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